BTG History

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1973 Foundation of BTG Bavaria Transport GmbH
with Head Office in Langweid/Augsburg
by Klaus Rauch ( †2001)
1975-1981 Opening of various branch offices in Munich, Mannheim, Stuttgart and Kempten
1979 RM Int. Spedition in Stuttgart
1981 RMF (Ireland) Wexford
INTRANS Gennevilliers b. Paris (France)
1984- 1996 Opening of further branch offices in Frankfurt/Main, Bremen, Berlin and Mönchengladbach
Foundation of TRANSLINK Hong Kong (Joint Venture)
1988 BTG Messe Spedition GmbH becomes an independent company (formerly Exhibition Department within BTG)
1989 BTG Luft- und Seefracht GmbH
1990 Introduction of present BTG Group logo, as well as the changing of the name of the parent company into BTG Internationale Spedition GmbH
1992 BTG Sweden
1993 BTG Representative Office in Beijing and Shanghai (VR China)
1995 BTG Finland
BTG Netherlands
BTG Norway
ECON - BTG (as founding member company)
1996 BTG Logistics GmbH with Head Office in Langweid by Augsburg
1997 BTG EXPOTRANS Buenos Aires (Joint Venture)
1998 Merger of RM Int. Spedition GmbH with the parent company BTG Int. Spedition GmbH
Jaguar Trafimar Logisticas Mexico City (Joint Venture)
ILN (System Traffic) - BTG as founding member company
1999 Foundation of BTG Vienna
Opening of Ravensburg branch office
BTG Representative Office in Almaty (Kazakhstan)
2001 Foundation of Servost Logistik GmbH, Langweid
2005 BTG Representative Office in Moskau (Russia)
2006 Opening of Hamburg and Munich branch office
Foundation of BTG Suisse AG, Basel-Pratteln (Switzerland)
2006 BTG Logistics s.r.o. SK-Kosice 
(Joint Venture of 'BTG Spedition und Logistik GmbH' in Vienna and 'BTG Internationale Spedition' in Germany)
2007 Foundation of BTG mednarodna spedicija in logistika d.o.o.
in Slovenia with branch offices in Maribor an Sencur (near Kranj)
2008 BTG Expo GmbH, Frankfurt a. Main
2009 BTG International Freight Forwarding (Beijing) Co. Ltd., China
2010 BTG Warehouse Services GmbH in Bobingen übernommen
Foundation of OOO BTG Internationale Spedition GmbH in Moscow
Foundation of OOO BTG Exhibition Logistics in Moscow
2013 Foundation of BTG Uluslararasi Nakliyat Ticaret A.S. (Turkey)
2014 Foundation of BTG Events Europe AG (Switzerland)
Foundation der BTG CargoSolutions AG (Switzerland)

Die BTG Group
Parkstrasse 35
86462 Langweid / Augsburg
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Branch Offices

Augsburg, Berlin, Bremen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Kempten, Munich, Neuss, Plochingen, Ravensburg, Schongau
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